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Wedding Pictures

Okay, okay, okay I admit it. I’m obsessed with looking at my daughter’s wedding pictures. One, they are REALLY good!!! (Thank you Eileen and Phillip Blume!) Because of their quality, I feel like I am ‘there’ experiencing it all over again. And even better, because I can see clearer and more completely what took place that evening through the eyes of others, different lenses and through my (finally) rested eyesight!

What joy! What beauty! What fun! It truly is hard to find words enough to describe the feelings.

As I’m looking, reflecting and pondering the events, through the pictures, God whispers in my heart...”this is only a SMALL glimpse of what our wedding will be like”…. WHAT? I am flush with attention…He’s taking my breath away! You mean…this feeling…this beauty…is only the beginning?

In one quick instant, with a few ‘words’ directly downloaded into my heart, God spoke volumes to me. He loves weddings….because He is eagerly awaiting our final betrothal to Him, where nothing separates us.

The anticipation we all felt for my daughter’s wedding from the month’s of preparation, the sacrifice of time and money (and sleep) to the joy of the moment, the beauty of the vows and the celebration. What an unforgettable time! All of these events parallel our preparation to meet our Heavenly Father face to face! What our waiting here on earth is really all about.

And as we wait, we are to eagerly tell others about our wedding day (and invite them all to come)! He doesn’t want ONE of His children to miss experiencing the joy, the beauty, the breathtaking experience of meeting Him face to face and knowing his perfect love and partnership. He has already done His part and infinitely more in preparation for this special day. He extends the ‘engagement ring’ to each of us. All we have to do is say ‘yes’ and ponder the day when we will be finally wed.

I don’t think there are good enough words to describe it …but think of the best you can come up with…and it will top that!!! Exceedingly and abundantly more…..WOW!!!

I think I’ll go look at some more pictures now….


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