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Drop Anchor

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

When I woke up this morning I heard the words: “Drop Anchor”. Immediately a scripture that was a ‘lifeline’ for me during a very dark and out of control time in my life came to mind: “In quietness and confidence is your strength”. (Isaiah 30:15)

Though many of us have dealt with dark and discombobulating times personally, collectively we have never dealt with anything of this magnitude. The entire world is focused on one ‘unseen’ enemy. We are being faced with uncertainly and instability like never in our life…we are truly in this together.

As I pondered these truths in my heart, I sensed God saying…where are you dropping your anchor during this time?

Who or what are you trusting during these uncertain times of waiting and watching.

Where is your heart anchored?

If our hearts are anchored in the ‘things of man’: the news, ever changing statistics, the ‘prescription’ of what to do or not do. Our bank accounts, our jobs, our time, our ability to control, etc…then we will have no rest. We will be frantic, worn out, frazzled. Our ‘walls’ of protection have or/ will crumble.

God’s invitation to us today is to drop anchor in Him. Who He is. His character. His love. His omnipotent ability to deal with the impossible.

So much is out of our control right now, yet this one little power packed verse gives us 4 things we can control:

First: Return

Are we like Adam and Eve wanting to eat of the tree of knowledge? To know what’s ahead in order to figure out how to control things? If so repent of trying to be like God or do life apart from God. Look at the subtle ways we have relied more on ourself and man-made things, and humbly say “Forgive me”.

Second: Rest

Come back to the rest He offers. Read Isaiah and look at His faithfulness throughout the ages. Over and over again, the people rebelled, then repented and He was gracious and compassionate (Isaiah 30:18); like a good Father always ready to help and lead and guide (21).

Third: Quiet your heart

Speak to your heart. Speak comfort to it like you would your own child. Speak the truth of what God says: He is with you, He will never leave you, He is faithful; you can fully rely on Him.

Fourth: Trust in Him

He has a great track record. He does not change. Choose to have faith in Him over fear of the unseen.

Drop Anchor in His unfailing Love: Put the truths of these scriptures on repeat. Instead of listening to the news over and over again, put His word on repeat and listen to it over and over again. Find songs that reinforce it. Find a scripture to cling to. Let God give you a breathe prayer. Minute by minute; one day at a time. You can train your brain to stay in the here and now. Today. He has all our tomorrows in His capable and loving hands.

His word is our medicine. And He Himself, will never fail. He IS our one sure thing.

Drop Anchor. And you will make it through the storm.

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