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bringing hope & healing through strengthening our relationships with God, self and others.

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The Perfecting Storm

According to Angel, most marriages are neither a complete disaster nor "made in heaven," they face tribulations that can tempt anyone at one time or another to jump ship. Through the authentic sharing of her own personal journey along with stories from countless hours of counseling others, she lays out options that can be taken before you jump ship. This book is not only for marriages, but these principles can apply to every relationship you are in, including the one with God and yourself.


Come explore the power of ‘one’ and the impact that one person (when allowing God to transform their mind and heal their heart) can have on their significant relationships. If you want to grow closer to God by delving into His principles of healing as well as learn psychological truths that bring freedom to any relationship, this book is for you.

A friend recommended your book and it's had such an impact on me.  I see things so differently now and my marriage continues to grow and get stronger. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.



The Perfecting Storm

The six-week DVD study is the perfect companion that takes the book to the next level. It can be utilized by an individual, or within small or large groups.


In each week’s video segment, Angel explores the central theme and concept that are specific to the chapters, and challenges the viewer to grow in understanding of their present circumstances and struggles. She shares the psychological and biblical truths that allow the individual to grow in their faith, heal their mind and heart, and as a result begin to experience the positive effect on every relationship they are in.


A complimentary Leader Guide and Participant Guide are available with the purchase of a DVD.

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Get both The Perfecting Storm Book and the 6 - Week DVD Study

meet Angel

Angel is a veteran marriage and family therapist who has seen God's healing grace at work not only in those she has counseled, but in her own life as well. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor, and has been in practice since 1985.


By way of her own inner healing, she discovered the spiritual and emotional health and wholeness available through the Lord.


Since she combines the best of psychology along with God’s power to heal to see others set free by the "renewing of their minds", and healing of their hearts.


It is her passion to share this freedom with as many as she is able.

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Prayers for Shorty

​Angel H. Davis, author of The Perfecting Storm and Christian psychotherapist has written a month-long prayer guide for cancer patients and their friends and family.

Prayers for Shorty is based on prayers she and her family prayed for her mother-in-law, "Shorty." This book will help bring hope and healing by accessing the power of God.

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