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Renewing My Broken Marriage- When the Impossible Becomes Possible

I thought it was over—dead, done, hopeless, impossible to resurrect—or so I thought.

God asked me to stay. It was the LAST thing I wanted to do; “God don’t you know how hard I’ve worked on this relationship and nothing’s changed?” (I can just see God’s face, grinning in sweet patience with His daughter.)

I loved God enough to stay, and out of that step of obedience, He did the impossible. He showed Himself to be all and more than I had read He was. For the first time in my life, I began to experience Him as the great counselor, the healer, and the redeemer. As I gave Him my heart to heal, my mind to redeem, and my life to guide, He began to transform me into a new person, and subsequently healed, redeemed, and resurrected my marriage. Sometimes things have to die to be reborn. Sometimes we have to be broken to be made whole.

I thank God for the storms of our marriage. I thank God that the story is NEVER over unless He says it is. I thank God that He showed me that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE with Him. I thank God that our daughters have a legacy of enduring, persevering love to inherit from their earthly parents that reflects God’s eternal love for them. I thank God that my husband and I will grow old together with a deep knowing of each other and God’s incredible, undying, powerful love for us.

Our marriages are to reflect Christ and His church to the world. Mine sure didn’t, but once placed in God’s hands, His truths and promises have become a reality, and His light shines.

I thought it was over. God knew better!

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