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Girlfriends...God's Gift To Me!

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

I just love spring! Don’t you? Spring means flowers blooming, sunny days, signs of new life, and birthdays! So many birthdays! Many of my best friends’ birthdays are in the spring.

As I celebrated this year with my girlfriends (and they with me!), I was reminded of how blessed I am. I have so many friends that I can count on!

These women are amazing! They inspire me, encourage me, support me, mentor me, and would do almost anything for me! They put up with my flaws, mood swings, forgetfulness, and my less than Godly attitudes at times. They keep me rooted in God’s love and remind me of His comfort and provision. They love me just like I am, and I love them. I cannot thank God enough for their influence in my life and how their friendship enhances my life.

I confess, I didn’t always love girlfriends that much. I grew up with big brothers and always desperately wanted a sister.(when my Mom told me if they had another baby, it could be another brother, I gave up on the quest for a sisterJ)

Never having a sister, I found it difficult to know how to really allow girlfriends into my life. The ways I related to my brothers did not translate into good relational skills with girlfriends. My insecurities also kept me from truly letting go and leaning into those friendships.

Thankfully, as I’ve matured and received God’s healing and have become rooted securely in His love, I am now able to open my heart and receive the love from my friends. Now my fear of rejection, a former insecurity, is no longer easily triggered.

Girlfriends know how to get to the heart of things. Authentic, Christ-like “sisters” go deep and don’t hide their true feelings from each other. It is “a deep-calling-to-deep” relationship that is often scary and intimidating. It exposes the inner most parts of us. Often we see ourselves in each other, much like looking in a mirror. At times, when I see what I don’t like, it’s easier to strike out at her or distance myself from the friend, then to stay in relationship and let God grow us both.


I thank God that over the years He has been changing my heart. As a result, I am able to really appreciate and embrace my friends. I can trust and be more authentic with them now. I can share my weakness, fears and imperfections and know that I will be accepted and loved right where I am. These women are my “go to girls.” They do not judge, but give me unconditional support, love, and grace.

Everyone needs a least one person in their life who loves them unconditionally, and I’m blessed to have many.

Women are designed by God to reflect beauty to the world. Our true strength comes through when we open our hearts and show our vulnerability. There is no shame. God’s unconditional love for us allows us to be authentic with each other. Without His love this would be impossible.

I thank God for the priceless gift of girlfriends!

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